Make the Elephant


Let's begin! To make the origami elephant, follow these simple steps. You will need a flat surface, some scissors and perhaps a coffee.

When you make your folds be sure to press down firmly with your fingernails to make clean folds. And try to be precise, it makes it easier!


Take your paper and cut along the dotted line. We will be folding the large square. Cut precisely because the paper must be square.


Fold the paper in diagonally from top right to bottom left. Then reopen and fold it diagonally from bottom right to top left. Now flip the paper to the other side and keep the top in the correct position!

Next fold it horizontally in half, reopen then fold it vertically in half. Flatten the paper again once finished and check that your top and bottom are still in the correct position. Rotate the top arrow 45 degrees until it points to the top left.


Then, gently push the left and right points together, and guide the top and bottom points in as well and flatten until the paper forms a diamond. The top arrow should be the left point (if you look inside the flap). You may need to watch the video closely a few times to get this step - the rest are easier.

You should see the eyes facing you.


Fold the right corner in towards the center, then repeat for the left corner.

Then, fold the top down into a triangular flap and then reopen it and flatten. Reopen the other flaps and flatten them so that you are back to the diamond.


Open the top flap from the bottom and then push the right and left corners in to the center.

Flatten out this new tall diamond and then fold the top half back down.


Flip the paper over to the other side and fold in the right and left corners to the center.

Fold down the top into a triangle and then reopen all three flaps.


Open up the bottom flap and fold the right and left corners into the center, then flatten into a tall diamond.


Lift the bottom right flap and fold it outside towards the right. Fold firmly.

Repeat with the bottom left flap, folding it outwards to the left.

Pull the flaps down, and then insert your finger underneath the bottom right flap. Push the fold line towards you so that the flap forms an arrow pointing to the right. Flatten your new fold and repeat on the bottom left flap.

Once finished you will have a star shape. Rewatch the video a few times for this step!


Rotate your star 90 degrees left - so the top point faces left.

Fold the bottom point up to the center and crease firmly.

Now fold the right point of the bottom shape to the center - pay close attention to the video and press down firmly on the fold. Repeat for the left side. This will be the elephant's legs.


Rotate the paper 180 degrees and repeat the same steps on the other side.


Flip the paper over. The triangle on the back will be pointing right. Fold it over to the left, then fold it in half so that its point reaches the center fold.

Flip over and fold the legs in half towards the left.

Now fold the paper in half from top to bottom and flatten the crease along the top.


Pick a point half a thumbnail away from the ear and fold down vertically on the top side.

Unfold that and then insert your finger underneath and use that crease to fold again but symmetrically.


Then, in line with the bottom of the front legs, fold upwards. Then open this flap and fold the bottom half upwards - we are making the tail of the elephant.

Now fold the left point in to the center and repeat for the right point. Pinch and pull the small tail in the center, then flatten the legs. Take your time with this step.


Flip over so that the trunk points to the right. Fold down the top, then unfold and insert your finger underneath, use the crease and push in the middle so that the trunk points down again.


Open up the trunk to one side, and fold both halves of the trunk to the center. Then close the trunk and flatten it. Be precise here and take your time to get a nice shape.


Close the trunk and then about halfway down the trunk fold it upwards. You can then bend the trunk again near to the end. Take your time.

That's it, you're all done - place your elephant companion in a nice spot and then scan the QR code on its side with your phone to see the elephant run.


QR code

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